Information for Parents

* If you want to get updates from Google Classroom, contact me and I can send you an invite.

* In computer science classes, homework is assigned most classes. It is expected that students will complete unfinished work at home. This is especially important in ICS3U, when students are learning a brand new language/paradigm.

* In "BTT" (Grade 9 Business/Computers), different units have different kinds of homework and assessments. Most day-to-day work could be completed in class by a student who worked somewhat diligently. Major assignments are given multiple work periods in class; students may need to work at home as well.

* Parents often ask if they should hire a tutor for their teen. Hiring a tutor should be a last resort. For many students, significant academic improvement can be achieved by consistently doing homework, studying for longer, and asking for help from peers or a teacher. I've seen many students do little to no work in class because they will wait until they see their tutor, who will walk them through it.

* For info on extra help opportunities, see the General Info page

* If you want to get updated on your child's progress, please contact me by phone or email. I try to return correspondence within 24 hours.

* If you need to talk to your child during school, please call or text them during the lunch hour (usually 1130-1230) or when they have a spare. Students should not be on their phones during class.