General Information

Info for Parents

Computer Science:
* Bring a USB drive to conveniently bring home any work you need to do
* Bring your own paper and pencil and straight edge. Please use a pencil for tests and quizzes.
* Graph paper is helpful during some units.
* You should have a scientific calculator. I suggest one with 2-line display. Bring your calculator to every math period.
* Graphing calculators may be helpful but may not be used on marked assessments.
* Phones may not be used as calculators.

Class procedures:
Computer Science:
* Students will have access to the presentation slides in the pickup folder.
* Problem sets (knowledge questions and programming tasks) are there too
* Students will be paired so that they can help each other understand concepts, and proofread each other's code
* Most marked work will be independent, rather than pairs or groups.
* Work will be handed in electronically. Please include your name in the file name, or in a readme file for a project or zip/rar archive.
* Homework is assigned nearly every day.
* Students are encouraged to check their answers in the back of the book in order to see if they have the correct answer.
* The textbook is also useful for supplementing lessons. Most lessons have corresponding textbook sections (pages preceding assigned homework).
* I also encourage students to ask peers for help, if they feel comfortable doing so.
* Students are seated in pairs in my classroom to encourage them to work together.
* Homework is checked occasionally.
* Homework will be taken up in class less often as the year progresses. Students will be expected to approach me individually or in groups for extra help, either during class or outside of class time.
* For this reason, I insist that homework be started during class, so that students can clear up problems immediately.

Some policies you may want to be aware of:
* A student who misses a lesson for any reason is responsible for getting the note from a classmate, learning the material, and completing the homework.
* A student who knows in advance that he/she will miss a test (e.g. field trip, sports game) is expected to let me know in advance.
* A student who misses a test without letting me know in advance is expected to bring in a note from a parent or guardian the day they return to school, even if he/she doesn't have my class that day. I tend to schedule make-up test days en masse, and both students and I appreciate knowing ASAP when that will be.
* Students are responsible for seeking extra help. I offer extra help for computers classes in room 230 some days at lunch. Also, the Math Homework Club is open every day at lunch in room 122.
* Students are expected to keep all their quizzes and tests in their binders, because they are very helpful for studying.
* Cell phones are generally not allowed in my classroom, with some exceptions such as a "Kahoot" quiz.