Grade 12 Computer Science

I will regularly offer extra help in room 230 on Mondays and Thursdays

Nov 20: The unit test and lab have been returned, and we're almost finished the Data Structures unit. The data structures test is tentatively scheduled for Dec 5/6.
In December, we will have a few class discussion periods on ethical, legal, and societal issues. Then we begin the searching and sorting unit that continues after the winter break.

Oct 18: This week, students wrote their first test. They have also submitted a Project Management assignment. A Self-assessment on skills is also due next week.
The first test covered object-oriented programming, 2-dimensional arrays, and big oh notation.
The next unit will include file i/o, exceptions, and data structures. There will be a programming assignment ("lab") in November, and a test in December.

Sept 12: We completed review and have started lessons on Object-oriented programming ("OOP")

/* Computer Science at Northern is taught in Java. In class, we use the BlueJ IDE. It's free! You can get it here. Make sure you get the JDK first, or get the combined install. */

Some of the topics we study:
// Object-oriented programming
// Inheritance and Polymorphism
// File I/O
// Sorting and Searching Arrays
// Recursion
// Project Management
// Current issues, research

If you are ahead of the curriculum, please use some of your class time helping students who aren't.