Grade 11 Computer Science

I will regularly offer extra help in room 230 on Mondays and Thursdays.

Nov 20: Yesterday and today, I returned the Intro to Java quiz. I reminded students about opportunities for extra help.
We're already a few lessons into the Ifs/Booleans unit, and the test is coming up soon. Then there'll be a coding assignment before the winter holidays.

Oct 18: Earlier this week, students submitted their first assignment - they created an image using Processing.
We are now teaching in Java. Students should download BlueJ as soon as possible (see below) in order to help with homework.
Students have also written a quiz, which was returned a week or two ago.
Before the first report card, students will do another assignment, and another quiz.

Sept 12: After a week, we've covered hardware, operating systems, and some history. Today and tomorrow, classes start learning about binary and other number systems.

/* Computer Science at Northern is taught in Java. In class, we use the BlueJ IDE. It's free! You can get it here. Make sure you get the JDK first, or get the combined install. */

Some of the topics we study:
// Methods
// Decisions
// Loops
// Arrays
// Object-oriented programming
// Ethics in computing

Most of the assessments are either quizzes or programming assignments. There should be a couple of research projects as well.

If you are ahead of the curriculum, please use some of your class time helping students who aren't.