Grade 9 Computers ("BTT")

I will regularly offer extra help in room 230 on Mondays and Thursdays.

Sept 12: Students have been given 2 assignments: a typing speed assignment (goal: 50WPM) and a slideshow/presentation. The slideshow is due this Sunday evening via Google Classroom. Presentations will be Sept 17 and 19 and should be 2-3 minutes long.
After presentations, we'll spend a couple of weeks talking about cell phone use and impacts on society.

Course Description:

This course is intended to teach students how to use computer software in their day-to-day lives (in and beyond school) and for business purposes. It also covers digital literacy, and we discuss current issues related to communication technology (i.e. computers and phones)

Software they'll use:
* Word Processor
* Presentations
* Spreadsheets
* Publisher
Other topics:
* Digital literacy
* Communications skills
* Ethics & Issues (includes cell phones)
* Creating websites using HTML code
* Databases (if time permits)

Assessments are usually assignments or projects.
Success in this course depends on completing these assignments and handing them in on time.

We teach using Microsoft software. Open-source (free) office software like OpenOffice and Libre Office are great alternatives. Google software doesn't have the same range of features so it won't always be acceptable.

If you don't have an office suite at home, you can get LibreOffice or OpenOffice for free. Both work for Windows/Mac/Linux.