From 2017-2018:

A psychological study in Germany found links between addiction to Facebook with narcissism, depression, anxiety, and stress.

This is the reading assigned to ICS4U0 for our discussion on sexism in computer science.

Some tech developers discuss how technology is being created to get us addicted, and various other negative consequences of the social media world.

From 2015-2016:

A possible explanation for differences between perceived and actual understanding.

A Reuters investigation about cheating to get into, and to get through, university.

An editorial suggesting that parents shouldn't tell kids they're bad at math article about whether students should bring phones, laptops, etc. to class.

Toronto Star article about the decline of Phys Ed programs at university and trickle-down effects on K-12 (few children/teens getting required amount of physical activity, instead choosing countless hours of screen time)

From 2014-2015:

Global News interview with a TDSB trustee who completely stonewalls about his homophobic tweets. As shameful as my Northern SS colleague who didn't want the Pride flag flown at the school.

From 2013-2014:

How to excel at math (and anyone can do it!)

Benefits of fitness (written for girls but certainly applies to boys too)

From the Globe, The busy life of the modern kid

Opinion piece on how the Ivy League universities don't provide the best education.

The Economist graphs the rise of the average grade in the Ivy League.

Psychology study suggests that taking notes by hand is better than using a laptop (and I'm sure far better than pics on your mobile!)

From 2012-2013:

From The Atlantic, a teacher writes that current pedagogy is unfair for boys.

Here is the perspective of a student in Chicago during their teachers' strike earlier this term.

I liked this editorial from a parent in England, who advocates the benefits of public schools with tip-top British humour. I love how Ontario public schools are of such excellent quality that any benefits you do get from $20K+ per year are, in my opinion, simply not worth the money.

A black teen tells a sad truth: reading is seen as uncool by many high schoolers.

From a college instructor, a view on how students expect and require very detailed instructions, partly because that's how they're taught.

Why Kids Need to Fail to Succeed in School (Perseverance is the key)

Comparison of Finnish and American school systems

Undercover Toronto Star reporter enrols in a "credit mill" school