Grade 12 Computer Science

I will regularly offer extra help in room 230 on Mondays and Thursdays

Feb 19: The last lesson on Object Hierarchies will be tomorrow morning. The unit test will be the following Monday. Then our class will have the year's second lab assignment.

Feb 12: We've had 3 more lessons on Object Hierarchies. Some of these concepts are quite complicated, and I encourage coming for extra help.

Feb 4: We've had 2 lessons so far on Object Hierarchies. This unit will have a test and a lab assignment.

Jan 29: The recursion test was today. Object Hierarchies begins on Wednesday.

Jan 20: Lessons on recursion continue. The test is announced for Monday, December January 29th. This will be the last mark included on the February report card.
The sorting and searching test was returned yesterday in class.

Note: On Feburary 14th, the University of Waterloo is running their annual computer science contest. I suggest that students sign up. I also suggest that students practice, because extra practice will develop their skills. Students who are planning to take computer science in university are especially encouraged to get this extra practice and/or write the contest.
To sign up for the contest, fill out the form here.
Read more about computer science contests here.

Jan 11: We started lessons on recursion this week.
To register for the Canadian Computing Challenge, visit and pay the $5 fee by the end of this month. Practice contests are available on the CCC grader website.

Dec 22: We had the test on Monday, and on Wednesday, group discussions about computers' effects on human health and the environment.
After the break, there'll be info on Waterloo's computer science contest.

Dec 14: I moved the the test to the 18th. We had our review this Tuesday. Today, I taught about net neutrality, and then we discussed the implications of repealing it, including how it would affect Canadians. Shortly thereafter, it was repealed.

Dec 7: The sorting/searching test has been scheduled for December 14th. Major topics include knowing how to implement Insertion, Selection, and Bubble sort, how to trace algorithms like the sorts and searches, and understanding Big-O notation.
I've considered pushing the test back to the 18th, because I want to have a discussion on net neutrality before the upcoming vote in the States. We already have a discussion scheduled for tomorrow morning's class, on sexism in computer science. I assigned a reading (by email) from the New Yorker.

Nov 24: We've had 3 lessons on searching and sorting. There will be a test in a couple of weeks; more info to come.
The unit 2 test has not yet been returned. I've been swamped and sick but will have it ready to hand back Monday morning.

Nov 14: The Picture Lab was marked over the weekend and most students have seen their updated marks. The unit 2 test was today. It will not affect this upcoming report card mark.
On Thursday, we start the searching and sorting unit.

Nov 3: Self-assessment marks were returned yesterday. We've now had 3 periods of work on the picture lab. There are 2 more periods to go. By request, most of the remaining work is available in the pick-up folder, in case students want to get anything done over the weekend.
The lab work will be due before the end of next week.
Finally, we're having our unit 2 test on November 14th. Then we'll begin the sorting/searching unit.

Oct 27: Complex assignments were returned earlier this week. We finished our 5 lessons on arrays and today was our first day working on the picture lab. All the work will be due at the end of the lab.

Oct 19: Unit 1 tests were returned today. Answers were posted at the back of the classroom. The other assignments (Complex and Self-Assessment) are not yet marked.

Oct 13: Oct 11 was our unit 1 test, and today students handed in their assignments. We also had the first lesson from unit 2 (file input/output and arrays).
This unit has 2 major assessments: A multi-day coding assignment (early November), and a unit test (mid November).
Finally, there's another small assignment, in which students assess their skills and work habits. This was given a couple of weeks ago and is due before class on Tuesday.

Sept 23: We finished review pretty quickly and have had 3 lessons on our first topic, Classes. Expect a test before Thanksgiving.

/* Computer Science at Northern is taught in Java. In class, we use the BlueJ IDE. It's free! You can get it here. Make sure you get the JDK first, or get the combined install. */

Some of the topics we study:
// Object-oriented programming
// Inheritance and Polymorphism
// File I/O
// Sorting and Searching Arrays
// Recursion
// Current issues, research

If you are ahead of the curriculum, please use some of your class time helping students who aren't.